The Dance Goes On

This collection of 15 songs dances you through the turning year. Songs of the greenwood, May carols, tender traditional lovesongs, troubadour verses, modern folksongs for the mists of autumn and the bonfires of Samhain - it's all there.

The album features the laud on a number of tracks, as well as guitar and octave mandola. There's a little bowed psaltery too, and even a splash of recorders and percussion.

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Sorta Kinda

Our debut album was a blend of songs old and new: French dance and mediaeval songs, traditional English and Welsh material (sometimes simultaneously).
"Beautiful, compelling material and Blanche's voice is simply gorgeous. This recording is well worth listening to ... again and again." Karen Tweed
"Absolutely gorgeous" Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio 'Celtic Heartbeat

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Mike's second solo album is an eclectic collection of fifteen songs - some traditional, some modern, some he's been singing for years, some recent favourites, with a couple of his own instrumentals thrown in for good luck.

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Mike Gulston at Kinnersley Castle

Although the physical CD is out of print, it's available through our Bandcamp site.

Mike's first solo recordings are a hauntingly beautiful collection of English ballads and love-songs, recorded live during the winter festival at Kinnersley some years ago.

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Brocc: 13 Moons

"Psaltery, hurdy-gurdy, recorders and both English and Swedish bagpipes make for an intoxicating troubadour brew on tales of gargoyles, mad women and the wild wood, not to mention the instrumentals ...
‘Hela’r Dryw’ (a Welsh ‘Hunting The Wren’) skips like a sprigun across a winter field. In performance and arrangement, this is a refreshing breeze of an album." Rock'n'Reel magazine
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Metheglin: Raining in Paradise

Before we both joined the band, Mike guested extensively on this recording, and Blanche chanted mediævally on one track.
Raining In Paradise is a masterpiece of layered beauty - ambient-prog-folk of the most exquisite kind.

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