Songs and stories for the turning year

We've several shows which feature songs of the changing seasons and the customs and traditions which go with them, sometimes with myths and legends of the land told by our storyteller friend
Cath Little.

Around the year
We can sing you round the whole year in an evening, such as at this show created as a house-concert. Whatever time of year it is, we start with the songs, traditions and customs belonging to that season, and turn the wheel of the year till we come back round to 'now'.

There's songs of mystery and beauty, some downright silly ones and some you can join in with, all delivered with our trademark harmonies and accompaniments.

"Thanks once again for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your show. I love the way you share the beauty of your songs with so much warmth and humour. It was a great evening."
(Flow, our house-concert hostess)

The winter show features songs of the Samhain bonfires to welcome the winter in, the Christmas feasting, the New Year Wren Hunt ... plus stories of Gawain and the Green Man and of the Apple Tree Man, tales rooted in the landscape, at that old-year-greets-the-new-year time.

We performed this show at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff under the name Old Twelfth Night, to a sell-out audience.


Our summer show features songs and stories to celebrate May Day, Beltane, Calan Mai, and the coming of summer. There's songs of Maytime goings on, of trees and troubadours and the Devil outwitted, woven through with tales of otherworldly transformations in a landscape of legend, in a time out of time.

This one even includes a solo morris jig!

A show for any time, anywhere

We also mix it up, with a show featuring a truly eclectic collection - funny, seasonal, singalong, English, Welsh, French, folk and trad and modern, mediaeval, send-ups ... Suitable for house concerts, village halls, or festivals, there's something for everyone :)

A bit more about Cath

Cath Little specialises in the tales of the Mabinogi and other stories from Welsh myth and legend, and tells tales and sings songs for the Turning Year in celebration of our Earth and its seasons. Cath has a rich sense of the magic of stories and of their ability to connect us to one another.

Cath has performed at Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival, Glastonbury Festival and The BBC Proms Folk Day.