Let Blanche and Mike introduce themselves with this song, recorded at AnderidaFest in Sussex

Mike's background is in the traditional songs of England, accompanied by his distinctively sensitive arrangements on guitar, octave mandola and laùd. His specialities are hefty great traditional ballads, tender lovesongs, and the unexpected (check out his version of Ghost Chickens In The Sky on his solo album).

Blanche's musical tastes are eclectic, and she became a folk singer because you don't need an accompanist. Then she found one, but kept singing folk anyway. She draws on a store of old folk songs from Wales, devises the harmonies, and plays bowed psaltery.

Their shared love of the natural world, medieval music, and folk customs, has been coming out in their music recently. The songs of the French bal and Breton fest-noz are still part of their repertoire, though, and they're as happy to sing for a dance as a concert.

With such a wide range of material on which to draw, Blanche and Mike's concerts can be a mix of traditional and contemporary material; accompanied and acapella; English, Welsh and French; up-tempo, poignant or downright silly.

Past appearances include festivals such as Festiv'Allier and Gennetines in France, Gower Folk Festival, Cwlwm Celtaidd and Pentreffest in the UK; concerts at the Wales Millenium Centre and Kinnersley Castle; BBC radio, folk clubs, house-concerts, storytelling nights and dance events.

"... Your voices are so good together, and Mike's accompaniment so subtle.
Your performance transcends folk music, and would be appreciated in all sorts of venues and events."
                                                                                                          Tom Cunliffe, South Coast Sounds